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ATOS Hydraulic Valves

ATOS is a leader in electrohydraulics and we are pleased to be able to offer their full range of hydraulic valves, designed and tested to satisfy the advanced needs of modern machines; from standard solenoid valves through to advanced and high speed proportional control valves for maximum control via advanced electronics. We are also able to offer fully ATEX certified explosion proof valves in addition to high performance valves and coils upto large size 32 valves for flow rates upto 1000 LPM.

ATOS valves are manufactured to the highest standard, our online range includes:

ATOS CETOP 3 Directional Solenoid Valves
ATOS CETOP 3 Control Modules
ATOS CETOP 5 Directional Solenoid Valves
ATOS CETOP 5 Control Modules

Can't find the valve your looking for, need a hydraulic valve from different manufacturer, contact us: enquiries@hydraulics2u.co.uk

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Our valve range includes the most often used spool and coil combinations which can be selected online and are available from stock. Other valve spools and coils can be supplied as necessary so please contact us for any hydraulic valve requirement you have, including ATEX hydraulic valves, proportional hydraulic valves or any system control module you do not find onstie.

Proportional Control Valves

The full range of high accuracy proportional valves are available, to see one in action operating an ATOS cylinder with full control system please click the link below.

ATOS Proportional Control Valve Video

ATOS Hydraulic Cylinders

As agents for ATOS equipment we are also able to offer the full range of ATOS Hydraulic Cylinders, manufactured in Tie Rod or round body versions, these cylinders are built to the highest standards and can be equipped with the most of accurate of transduers for maximum control of your hydraulic system when used with ATOS proportional valves.

For full details of the ATOS range of hydraulic cylinders please click the link below:

ATOS Hydraulic Cylinders

If you need any more information of ATOS hydraulic equipment or for help designing your system, contact us: enquiries@hydraulics2u.co.uk

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