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Hydraulic Valves at Hydraulics2U.co.uk

At Hydraulics2U we aim to supply clients with all you could need for your hydraulic systems, including components such as hydraulic valves. Our complete range of hydraulic valves are available to buy online as standard, and we can also assist when it comes to supplying a specialist valve.

We provide CETOP valves from ATOS and ARON, as well as all modules for pressure and flow control and the associated manifolds. Additionally, we offer inline hydraulic valves to control the direction, flow and pressure, including those for both simple non-return valves and inline solenoid valves. Furthermore, we also stock a range of stainless in-line valves, from check valves to ball valves, as well as high pressure stainless solenoid valves.

Our Hydraulic Valves are built to the highest standards from the leading manufacturers, including Parker, Vickers, Eaton, Bosch Rexroth, Hawe. We also specialise in Enerpac Hydraulic Valves and can help you find the most suitable model for your application.
Simply choose from our range of hydraulic valves, and we will ship directly to you on the fastest lead times possible.

If you would like to find out more about our range of hydraulic valves for sale, available from our base in the UK, please get in touch with us through our online contact form, or by emailing us at enquiries@hydraulics2u.co.uk
. You can also talk to us directly about the different types of hydraulic valves we offer by calling us on 02392 291500 and a member of our team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have for us.

Process and Actuated Valves

Process and Actuated Valves

At Hydraulics2U, we can supply a huge range of Process and Actuated Valves from low pressure brass actuated ball valves to high pressure (500 BAR) steel actuated ball valves with pneumatic or electrical actuation. All our ranges are manufactured to the highest standand and are available upto 2" in size with much larger on request. We also offer a full range of manual Gate Valves in brass, steel and stainless steel so please conatct us with requirement you may have for these types of valves.

Actuated Ball Valves
Our Actuated Ball Valves are sourced from a number of suppliers to give you the best lead time and product options. This allows us to offer a massive range of actuated valves in brass, steel and stainless steel, available with single or double acting pneumatic actuators. Our brass ranges operate at upto 70 BAR and are available as 2 way shut off valves or 3 way T and L ported diverter valves, configurations which are also available in stainless steel. Our high pressure shut off valves use the same high quality actuators and can be used upto 500 BAR, ideal for full control in any hydraulic system.

These valves are also available with electric acutators in 110V and 240V AC and 24V DC versions and we can also offer proportionally controlled versions for optimum system control.

Butterfly Valves
To compliment our range of valves we can also offer Wafer Pattern and Lugged Butterfly Valves in both manual and actuated form. As with out actuated ball valves the range includes both Pneumatic and Electrically acutaed butterfly valves to BS, PN or ANSI standards. Manufactured with cast iron bodies with either Iron or Stainless Steel Disc's we also offer manual versions with a full range of liners including PTFE, Viton and EPDM. Please contact us with your valve requirements.

Flanged Valves

Flanged Valves

To complete our range of valves, we also offer a comprehensive range of Flanged Valves including Flanged Ball Valves along with Flanged Diaphragm, Pinch, Gate and Globe Valves in both manual and actuated versions. These ranges offer valves in brass, cast iron, steel and stainless steel with complete ranges of liners to suit any medium. With so many options available and special custom built versions its best to send us your exact requirements where our sales team can quote the most suitable valve to suit your requirements. Contact us with your full requriements

Flanged Ball Valves
Our Flanged Ball valves are available upto 10" in PN and ANSI Standard in cast iron, steel and stainless steel. These are can be in manual or actuated form using either pneumatic or electric actuation with options on seal material to get the most suitable valve for your application.

Gate & Globe Flanged Valves
Our range of Gate and Globe Valves are available in Cast Iron, Steel and Stainless Steel, as the ball valves above with PN and ANSI flanges they are manufactured to the highest standards and available in fast lead times.

Flanged Diaphragm and Pinch Valves
Diaphragm Valves are manufactured in a variety of materials designed to control the flow of fluids containing suspended solids. Manufatured to the highest quality, the weir design of the diaphragm valve is perfect for most general flow requirements and is also suitable for with corrosive and abrasive mediums. The straight through version allows for applications where the flow changes direction.

The diaphragm valve bodies can be threaded or flanged in sizes from 15mm to 450mm bore and allow for the use of internal rubbers or synthetics allowing them to be used in a wide variety of applications. Angled and oblique configurations compliment the straight design type to increase the felixibility of the product.

Pinch Valves are manufactured in a variety of materials designed to control the flow of granular materials, slurries and powders. Manufatured to the highest quality our pinch valves are suitable for use with vicsous fluids and gases in addition to corrosive and abrasive mediums. The fully enclosed pinch valve bodies are available in sizes from 15mm to 350mm bore and can be manufactured in a variety of materials to suit a broad range of applications.

To compliment our range of flanged valves we also offer Swing Check Valves and Y Strainers flanged as necessary to meet your full requiremnets.

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