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Injection Moulding Power Units

Injection Moulding Power Units

Low Pressure Power Units - 15LPM @ 100 BAR
415V 3 Phase Eletcric Motors
5 Station Valve Manifold for operation of 5 cylinder banks
System relief and unloader valves
Harting connection for quick plug and play into plc system

If you have a power unit or system requirement please e-mail requirements to enquiries@hydraulics2u.co.uk


Safety Interlock Hydraulic Press

20 Tonne Safety Interlock Hydraulic Bearing Press

Interchangeable tooling for a range of products and bearings
Pneumatic safety interlock on sliding guard door
Perspex press guard
Base and top toolings
Air/Hydraulic Foot Pump

This 20 tonne hydraulic press offers a completely safe and efficient solution to pressing a variety of bearings and bushes into a large range of components. Designed and built by us, this high precision and fast acting press increases the productivity and time for completing many components, quickly and efficiently.



Special Stainless Steel Cylinders

50mm Bore x 30mm Rod x 500mm Stroke in 316 Stainless with Position Sensors front and rear. These Foot Mounted stainless hydraulic cylinders were used in a pharmaceutical application with high precision control requring the small 40mm Bore 50mm Stroke Clamping Cylinders, again with dual Position Sensors.

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