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Custom Block Cylinders

Custom Block Cylinders

In addition to our standard range of Enerpac Block Cylinders we also offer a range of made to order Block Cylinder with strokes of upto 100mm. The 2 block cylinder ranges include lightweight, corrosion resistant Aluminium Block Cylinders for pressures upto 160 BAR from 20mm to 100mm Bore capable of generating upto 12 Tons force (125kN). These cylinders are available with magnetic position sensing for full system control. For heavy duty use we also offer a range of Steel Block Cylinders in the same bore sizes for upto 320 BAR capable of a top end of 25 Tons (251 kN).

Our Made to Order Block Ranges:
. Aluminium Block Cylinders - 160 BAR Working Pressure upto 100mm Bore with Position Monitoring Option
. Steel Block Cylinders - 320 BAR Maximum Pressure upto 100mm Bore

These block cylinders are suitable for use for punching, pressing, riveting, moving, positioning, clamping and any other application that requires a powerful yet compact modular design, easy to install with many options to suit your requirements.

E-mail: enquiries@hydraulics2u.co.uk with your requirements

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