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Standard & Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Whatever type of hydraulic cylinder you require, Hydraulics2U are here to help. We have a full range of hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic ram) to buy online, plus a bespoke service for custom-made cylinders made to your exact requirements. We also offer a cylinder repair service the rams we supply online.

All of our hydraulic cylinder range are welded construction cylinders, and are manufactured to the high standards. Our range includes:

Standard 210 BAR Hydraulic Cylinder with a variety of Mounting options
Enerpac Single Acting Cylinders
Enerpac Double Acting Cylinders
Special Hydraulic Cylinders
Workholding and Clamping Cylinders

Buy online now for fast delivery
Choose from a wide range of hydraulic cylinders to buy from stock, and we'll ship direct to you on fast lead times. We specialise in Enerpac hydraulic cylinders, and also stock economy models from other hydraulic cylinder manufacturers.

Range of hydraulic cylinder mountings

At Hydraulics2U, you can pick from a comprehensive range of hydraulic ram mountings, all available to buy online and have delivered direct to your door. Our range includes:

Single Acting Pin Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders
Double Acting Pin Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders
Front Flange Hydraulic Cylinders
Spherical Eye or Bush Pin Mount Hydraulic Cylinders
Clevis Mount Hydraulic Cylinders
Plain Ended Hydraulic Cylinders

For other fittings and mountings, contact us at: enquiries@hydraulics2u.co.uk

Hydraulic cylinder repair or replace?
While we don't offer a hydraulic cylinder repair service, many of our customers find that replacement cylinders often work out cheaper than the cost of diagnostics and repairs, not to mention considerably faster too. If you have a faulty cylinder in your hydraulic system, call us for a quote for a replacement - it could save you considerable time and money.

Bespoke Hydraulic Cylinders

Special welded cylinders are available in 210 BAR versions and heavy duty 350 BAR for more demanding applications. Stainless Steel Cylinders are one of our specialities, made to your exact requirements and ideal for marine, pharmaceutical, food and other environments. We can also supply made to order block cylinders, welded and tie rod hydraulic cylinders from and equivalent to major hydraulic cylinder manufacturers such as Parker, Rexroth, Helipebs, Vickers, Miller,etc. Please send us your hydraulic ram information and we can quote accordingly.

. Stainless Steel Cylinders
. Tie Rod Cylinders
. Made to order Block Cylinders
. Transducer equipped Hydraulic Cylinders
. Cylinders with special seal to suit any medium
. Made to order Block Cylinders
. Cylinders with special seal to suit any medium


And there's more
Our online store features most of our hydraulic cylinder selection - but not all! So if you have a particular cylinder in mind, we may have it in stock or be able to source it for you. Call us with your hydraulic cylinder supply issue, and we'll do our best to help solve them!

Enerpac Hydraulic Cylinders

We offer the full range of durable, dependable Enerpac Hydraulic Cylinders, all operating at 700 BAR in a variety of tonnages from 5 to 1000.

As market leaders in high-pressure hydraulic tools, Enerpac hydraulic cylinders come in a range of force capacities, stroke lengths and size restrictions. Whether you're looking for single acting, hollow plunger, or low height solutions, Enerpac has the hydraulic solution you require.

Our range of Enerpac cylinders includes single acting and double acting in a range of heights and finishes. All Enerpac hydraulic cylinders up to 60 tonnes are available to buy online. All others, including 75 and 95 tonne options, are available on request. Please e-mail us with your specific requirements:

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