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Enerpac Aluminium Cylinders from Hydraulics2U

When you need a lightweight yet high strength hydraulic lift solution, look no further than Enerpac aluminium cylinders, the lightweight option for maximum portability and corrosion resistance.

Our range of aluminium cylinders includes:
Aluminium Single Acting Spring Return Cylinders (RAC)
Aluminium Single Acting Hollow Cylinders (RACH)
Aluminium Lock Nut Cylinders (RACL)
With the Double Acting (RAR) Versions also available here.

Portable, tough, powerful
Designed for tough jobs in tough places, these super-tough aluminium hydraulic cylinders come with a hardcoat finish on all surface to resists damage and wear and tear. The high strength spring ensures rapid retraction, while the steel plate and saddle ensures load induced protection. The composite bearing prevents metal to metal contact which increase cylinder life and gives added side load resistance. Choose from 20-50 tonne options online, or contact us for higher tonnage options, always available on request.

Why choose Enerpac aluminium cylinders?
Enerpac aluminium cylinders provide the same strength of steel cylinders with the reduced weight, ease of positioning and portability of aluminium. Using the latest alloy technology, Enerpac add high-strength coating, innovative seal design and quality bearing materials to create a high quality, easy to carry hydraulic cylinder you can rely on. The cylinders are supplied with removable Steel Base Plates, Carry Handles and Steel Plunger Saddles.

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