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Hydraulic Power Units & Electric Pumps

210 BAR Power Units

210 BAR Power Units

Range of 210 BAR Made-to-Order Power Units

Flow Rates from 1 to 60 LPM - Upto 200 LPM for Special Applications
Motor Sizes upto 11kW (15 HP)
Valves Options to Suit Application
Proportional and Electronic Control Systems

For quotation to suit please e-mail requirements to systems@hydraulics2u.co.uk
Enerpac ZU4 700 BAR Electric Pump Units

Enerpac ZU4 700 BAR Electric Pump Units

High Flow Compact Pumps with Specific Options

Two Stage Pump Units for increased speed
11.5 LPM Flow @ 7 BAR (Sitll Providing 8.8 LPM Flow @ 50 BAR)
1 LPM Flow @700 BAR
Dump Valve, 3 Way Manual & Electric and Double Acting Manual & Eletcric Valve Options
4, 8, 10, 20 and 40 Litre Reservoir Options
240 and 110V Single Phase Options
Heat Exchanger, Skid Bar and Pressure Transducer options
LCD Display for information and control available

For quotation on a specific unit please e-mail: enquiries@hydraulics2u.co.uk

Special Power Unit Example

Special Power Unit Example

Special Power Unit for Press incuded:

40kW Electric Motor
180 LPM Flow from Triple Gear Pump
CETOP 8 Valves
12" Bore Double Acting Tie Rod Cylinder
4" Bore Hydraulic Hoses and Quick Release Couplings

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